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To recalculate the balance

There are situations when you create a lot of unconfirmed operations, and then abruptly confirm everything. In this case, the user's balance will not change. You must be forced to recalculate the balance.

User Model

Prepare the model, add the HasWallet trait and Wallet interface.

use Bavix\Wallet\Traits\HasWallet;
use Bavix\Wallet\Interfaces\Wallet;

class User extends Model implements Wallet
    use HasWallet;

Get the current balance for your wallet

Let's say the user's balance

$user->id; // int(5)
$user->balance; // int(27)

And he has unconfirmed transactions. Confirm all transactions.

update transactions 
set confirmed=1 
where confirmed=0 and 
      payable_type='App\Models\User' and 
-- 212 rows affected in 54 ms

Recalculate the balance.

$user->balance; // int(27)
$user->balance; // int(42)

It worked!